Abstract Art: The Appeal of Audacity

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Abstract art, is definitely one of the most visually interesting styles in the art world. The style itself doesn’t seem to have any restraint, if anything it’s a colorful mess of fun. Usually abstract art can (and cannot) be characterized by shapes, forms, and colors that create more of a visual language than a clear cut image. You usually won’t see detailed figures, or any one thing that defines the picture as a whole. What you see is usually a visual that is left to the viewers imagination. The beauty of the abstract style is really that the viewer is in control of what message they receive.

You’ve probably seen or heard references of people standing in a museum looking at an image, and one person goes, “This piece really moves me, I can see the passion through the linear strokes the artist created. It’s a tragically romantic, with an essence of sexuality.” while a second person may say, “I see a rowboat, and a man lost at sea.” The beauty of abstract art is its against-the-grain-attitude. People will interpret Abstract pieces differently, and instead of an image of a fruit basket, or a bouquet of flowers these pieces challenge the viewer to dig deeper into themselves for meaning.

It’s an introspective challenge to find meaning, or maybe it’s not meant to have any meaning at all. That’s how it’s beautiful and audacious. In a way, lots of artists won’t challenge their audience, they’ll present a beautiful image and the viewer knows exactly what it is. But this style, it pushes you to think deeper, to experience more, to find meaning in it, or to choose to not find meaning at all.

Not only are these pieces visually intriguing, they look stunning in living spaces. If you’re having help visualizing some of these piece we’ll give you a few examples. Here’s a few images from our Pinterest community of how beautiful pieces of Abstract art can complement spaces to create a stunning atmosphere.


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Decorating 101: Art of Compromise

Congrats! You’re college-bound and will soon be sharing a 10’ x 20’ space with another person for an entire school year. And then it happens: you meet your roommate, and the two of you could not be more unalike. You’re a finance major, and he’s studying theater. He’s a strict vegan, and your vegetable of choice is the French fry.

Or maybe you and your significant other are moving into your first place together. You are a night owl, and he’s an early bird. The differences don’t end there, because as it turns out, your decorating preferences are starkly dissimilar, too.

We’ve all been there, and guess what – there’s hope! Class is in session at Global Gallery, and today’s lesson is Decorating 101: Art of Compromise. Here are Global Gallery’s top three tips for decorating your college dorm, or any home, when opposing tastes are at play.

1) Have an Open Mind

Sure, your initial reaction may be to dump your significant other’s decade-old brown recliner. You probably want to throw a sheet over your roommate’s leg lamp. And just for the record, no one is crazy about your cat trinket collection. You’re merging two households, and it’s undeniably a daunting task. Just remember to take a deep breath and heed our advice: have an open mind.

2) Divide and Conquer

Your roommate exclusively buys abstract paintings, and you are, well, not a fan of abstract art. You can still peacefully coexist. Perhaps you can decorate the kitchen area while your roommate takes on the living room. Divide and conquer: choose a space in the room and make it your own.

3) Combine the Best of Both Worlds

If you want to make your home really interesting, decorate together. Bring together your love of vintage with your husband’s love of all things contemporary. Place an abstract sculpture in the traditional study. There’s no reason that van Gogh can’t adorn the wall over your roommate’s bright orange sofa. You both win when you combine the best of both worlds.