Nautical Decor Collection

By the Sea, by the Beautiful Sea!

Oh, the smell of the sea and ocean mist as it caresses your face, flows through your hair, and leaves the memory of maritime wherever you go. People are fascinated with all things Nautical as well they should be! It’s calm, soothing, and therapeutic. You can almost feel the grains of sand sink down with the pressure of your body, as you walk quietly along the shoreline. Can you hear the waves gently crashing up against the waterfront?

It’s a great family adventure, or it can be a solitary escape from the rest of the world. The versatility of the Ocean is as vast as the aquatic life that lives within it. Summer time is almost here, and one of the best ways to celebrate is to go to the beach!

But, maybe you’re strapped for cash, simply can’t get away, or the nearest beach is over 1,000 miles too far away! Oh, we feel you! It’s okay, don’t panic! We’ve got just the thing to soothe your oceanic craving! We are proud to introduce our Nautical Decor Collection!

Dive into the deep blue seas, by diving deep into this sea inspired collection! We’ve got everything you could need, minus the arm floaties.

Images as seen in order Clockwise: 1. Alba sulla battigia by Adriano Galasso, 2. Out in the Waters by Philip Gendreau 3. Cali Starfish II by Gaetano 4. La Jument dans la Tempête by Jean Guichard

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Color Curation: Lucky Lucite Green

Lucky Lucky Lucite Green

Curse the groundhog that saw his shadow this year, what bad luck! As if it wasn’t hard enough on the North East, now the rest of us have to endure six more weeks of this awful thing called Winter with them. Alas, we’ll get through this, as we really have no choice. But, don’t get the Winter Weepies because, we’re here to help cheer you up and get you out of that Winter Slump. Whether you’re snow locked, or braving the elements we’re here to remind you that there is some luck coming your way. And it’s called Lucite Green!

Images as seen above: 1. Italo Corrado – Azure 2. Jean-Luc Demos – Namasté III 3. Pam Ingalls – Malt Shop 4. Maurizio Piovan – Una pace riacquistata

With Spring comes revival. All those dead plants seem to rise up from the grave and stretch. I’m sure you may even have some friends that probably go into hibernation until it’s all over. There’s nothing like seeing those first seedlings sprouting from the earth. Your lucky day is coming, it will be here soon so don’t fret there’s still hope!

Pantone has listed Lucite Green one of The Colors of Spring: 2015. What is Pantone? For those of you unfamiliar with it, we’ll give you the scoop! Pantone is the utmost authority on color matching and management. You’re probably skeptical, as in who’s to say what color is what, but take a deep breath. Pantone has solved many communication errors over the years, and is trusted across the art and graphics community. They are completely legit, and have been around since the 1960’s, they even have their own institute.

Lucite Green is described by Pantone here:

“Generally not thought of as a fashion color, though it does come back from time to time, PANTONE 14-5714 Lucite Green is a soothing green shade whose time has really come again. Fresh and clarifying, cool and refreshing, Lucite Green has a minty glow. Light in weight and also in tone, Lucite Green seems almost transparent.”

This cool green color is perfect for the inbetween of Winter, and Spring that we’re all currently in. It’s not too commonly seen in the fashion world, but in the arts and decor world this color is everywhere!

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Vibrant Botanicals

Vibrant Botanicals & Vivacious Blooms

Spring is in the air! It’s right around the corner, and what’s the best part about Spring? The Vibrant Botanicals of course! Be sure to check out our entire collection of Vibrant Botanicals to decorate your space just in time to bring in Spring!

Ever stop to smell the roses? Or dawdle in the daisies? Spring is right around the corner, and we’re excited to finally pack up our winter wear and enjoy the beautiful weather. With great weather comes beautiful botanicals. Bring the outdoors indoors, and lighten up your space to make it feel lighter and fresh.



There’s nothing like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers sitting in a vase in your home. So, to bring in that beauty without worrying about watering, or primping your flowers, get the same vibe into your space with our Vibrant Botanicals.

There are many different ways to decorate your space using Botanical themed art pieces. You can give your space a bright fresh look, or a more subtle garden feel. Check out a few of these decor ideas from our Pinterest Community below!

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NASA: The Pillars of Creation Hi-Def Hubble Imagery

Alright all you star gazers and space explorers, boy do we have a treat for you! NASA has recently released new high definition images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary of The Hubble. On the forefront of this wonderful anniversary is one of the most popular images seen below, The Pillars of Creation.

Here’s some background info to help jog your memory. The Pillars of Creation were first photographed back in 1995, so for reference it was during the time of watching Friends, Seinfeld, and 60 Minutes on CBS. This was mid 90’s and 1995 was a great year. The initial image captured was a victory for NASA, as this astronomical beauty is estimated to be farther than 6,500 light-years away. It’s hard to fathom that something of this magnitude is such a drastic distance from the Earth. To give this a little perspective, one light-year is not a reference to time it’s actually distance. One light-year is about 6 trillion miles. Six. Trillion. Miles. Has that sunk in yet? The Pillars of Creation are farther than 6,500 light-years. Has that blown your mind yet? Now, take a look at a comparison of The Pillars of Creation one dating to the original photo taken in 1995, next to the most recent photo taken in 2014.

It’s pretty astounding to think that we now have the technology to capture such a beautifully detailed image using a high definition telescope. This anniversary is not only a celebration of time passed, but a celebration of Science, Astronomy, and Technology! We’ve come so far in 25 years, and technology is an ever evolving phenomenon. We can only look forward to more beautifully captured images in the future.

The Pillars of Creation have been at the forefront, and are the most popular images seen while celebrating the Hubble’s 25th Anniversary. But, they aren’t the only images that have been captured in hi-def. Take a look at some other clusters and formations below.

Now, you’ll notice that the image directly above was captured with Near Infrared Technology. To give a more simple explanation, it cuts through the gaseous surroundings and gives a clearer image of what’s going on inside the pillars. The image taken shows stars being created within the pillars (Hence the name “Pillars of Creation”). Within each pillar is the atmosphere needed to create stars, while on the outer borders Astronomers have found that nearby younger stars, and stellar winds are actually stripping away the tops of the Pillars. Some refer to these pillars as both Pillars of Creation, and Destruction.

These astronomical formations are so beautifully detailed, and do you want to know one of the best things about them? Of course you do! You can now have these images displayed in your home. These are perfect for the novice astronomer, a gift for your favorite Science teacher, or even a close loved one. These images make you feel gypped when you hear the phrase, “I love you to the moon and back”. We now know that in comparison, the moon is much closer than we’d previously thought.

Take star gazing to a new level, and bring these beautiful formations into your home. You don’t have to have an expensive telescope, and the right equipment to appreciate the beauty of these pieces.

For More far out images be sure to browse our NASA Collection!

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Pop Culture References

Traditional Portraiture Collection

Traditional Portraiture & Contemporary Selfies

Almost everyone has had their picture taken. Whether you’re in grade school and cheesin’ it up for the camera, goofin’ around with your friends on a night out, or having a professional photo shoot. It’s most likely that you’ve already been on camera, even if you don’t want to be.

Well, whether you’re camera shy or a camera hog today we’re talking about Traditional Portraiture. Here’s the scoop, a Traditional Portrait is most classified as a vertical shot or image of a person. This could be just the waist up, a full standing frame, or a close up. Traditional Portraits date back to before there were even cameras to capture those beautiful pearly white smiles. Let’s face it, we’re fascinated with each other and it’s a flattering gesture to show those you care about that you would like to capture their image eternally. That sentence came out creepier than I’d hoped! But, you get my point right?

Honestly, Traditional Portraits can come across as boring, or even frightening. Think about it, there’s a looming figure from some historical time period that you aren’t even sure of, who’s just staring at you. Try not to be frightened by Traditional Portraits, they’re historical and you have to remember that back then they didn’t have great dental hygiene. I’m joking! (But, in all seriousness they really didn’t) The reason people wouldn’t smile for Traditional Portraits is mainly because we’re all people of our time. In the past, the consensus at the time was that smiling was considered lower class. Smiling was left to the fools, the artists, the drunks, and the proles! If you were privileged enough to have a portrait of you created, you wouldn’t want to look inferior or low class. So, the tradition carried on through the years.

Now, it’s hard to find a picture of someone who isn’t smiling.

Traditional Portraits don’t have to be high class now, for example check out this dog!

The great thing we’ve noticed about Traditional and Contemporary Portraits is that they aren’t limited to just images of people. You can see throughout history that humans were just as obsessed with each other as they were about animals. Especially their pets! Not a lot has changed if you think about it. Ever notice the cute pictures of your friends pets on Facebook, and Instagram? It’s pretty typical. We see something that we adore, that intrigues us, that makes an impression and it’s our goal to capture the image of that thing we love in time.

Here are some famous animal portraits:



Google’s definition of the Contemporary Selfie:


a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. “occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself everyday isn’t necessary”

Selfies are now apart of our culture, they haven’t been that prevalent historically (Unless you think of a Selfie as a self portrait) but they’re now highly mainstream. They’re fast, easy, and you’re completely in control. Selfie wasn’t even a word until around 2002, and now selfies are known worldwide and they aren’t going anywhere!

So, whether you’re taking a Traditional Portrait or a Contemporary Selfie make sure you make it worth while!


We love our Pinterest community so check out some of the ways our pinners have incorporated Traditional Portraiture into their lifestyles!
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31% Off Our Entire Collection: Haunted Halloween Sale!

Gear Up All You Ghouls, Goblins, and Ghosts! Halloween is Almost Here!

Halloween is creeping up on us! Soon enough All Hallows Eve will be here and we’re so spooked we’ve decided to host 31% Off our Entire Site now through Halloween! Our amazing Goblins and Ghouls Collection is awesome enough to make the dead rise from their graves and take a look! Be sure you search through this entire collection, you’ll never guess what’s hiding on each page!

Oh Halloween! It’s the time of year that every kid (and many adult children) looks forward to! Dressing up, telling spooky ghost stories, and let’s not forget CANDY! Let’s admit it, Halloween basically starts on the first day of October! There is so much activity and energy in the air. It is said that this is the time when spirits can freely roam the earth with the living. Jack O’ Lanterns are rumored to keep away evil entities, and dressing up is a way to laugh in the face of Death! Muahahaha! But seriously, let’s take a deeper look into what this holiday is all about.

 Halloween: A History

Everyone is going to argue about the origins of Halloween. Some historians claim that it dates back to Pagan rituals that welcomed the change of the season. Others claim that it was a festival to worship Samhain a Pagan God. Some argue that it’s actually a Christian holiday and has nothing to do with Paganism. Whatever religious belief that this holiday originates from Halloween is celebrated by many. Across America children dress up, and walk the streets of their neighborhoods going door to door asking for candy. And, who can argue with Candy? NO ONE. No one can argue with Candy. Candy is delicious.

Decorating for Halloween:

One of the best things about Halloween are the decorations! You’ll always have those couple of houses that compete with each other for the best decorated house. Giant Spiderwebs, Creepy Ghosts, Witches, Black Cats, Pumpkins! All of these things are commonly seen around Halloween. People love to get into the “Spirit”! Hahaha Spirits and Sprites on Halloween Night! Anyway, this is the perfect time to not only decorate the outside of your abode, but you can also bring in the Halloween feeling by decorating with different art pieces.

Check out this lovely space here! This image is from our Pinterest Board: Halloween Art. Not only does the small detailed artwork convey the essence of Halloween, it isn’t overwhelmingly scary.

Send us pictures of your fun Halloween Decorations! We’re dying to hear from you! And from all of us here at Global Gallery, have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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Decorate For Fall! 35% Off Sitewide!

Fall is here! Oh the Feels!

Are you anticipating Autumn? Well wait no longer, it’s here! And we’re excited about it! The crisp feeling in the air! Bobbing for apples, apple cider, and pumpkin spice lattes are just the tip of the Autumn iceberg! We’re so ready! We’ve been ready for this since last Fall ended! This is the time of year where the air is cool, the leaves change colors, and we get to bundle up in our warmer clothes. Fall fashion has arrived, and Fall Styles are taking over! How to prepare for Fall is buzzing in the air and, we’re giving you the low down on how to decorate your chateau for this Fall season. Make a decorate date, plan ahead, try a DIY, and show off your style. Decorating can be time consuming, and you need this time to think, experiment, and create! Not only that but why not decorate on a budget? Take 35% Off Our Entire Collection! Decorate without worrying! So read on and we’ll give you the scoop on how to best Decorate Your Space for this Fall Season!

Pick your Date/Time:

Plan a day to Decorate! Set a day on your calendar that you can devote enough time to let your creativity flourish throughout your space. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your life is hectic, we know! Nearly everyone has a schedule, a job, something that takes up the majority of their time throughout the day. So, it’s easy to let decorating your space slide out the window, instead of letting that creativity go by the wayside, plan ahead! Pick a date this month that you know you can keep clear. Devote an entire day to just letting your creativity blossom. We’re sure this is something that’s been on your mind since summer started to sizzle out. So, instead of just dwelling on what you’d like to achieve in your mind, give yourself the time to get it out. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish once you set aside the time to take on the task!

Choose a Theme/Color Set:

It’s important to remember what color scheme you’re going with this season. You can keep it in the Pumpkin Spice area, or you can travel to more of the majestic Maple! This is all your choice! Remember to keep in mind that colors evoke emotions, they can bring excitement into the air like with red and other vibrant colors. Or your color palette can create a calm soothing feeling, such as using neutrals and browns. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that you’re comfortable with. Yes, it’s only for a season, but it should be something that makes you feel best. There are all sorts of color schemes you can work with. Take a look at a few of these to gain some inspiration:


  Use References-But Let YOUR Creative style be the biggest influence:

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with the right idea. As soon as you feel like you’ve gotten it right, something makes you change your mind and you scrap the idea completely. It’s no problem, these things happen to the best of us! Take a minute to breathe, you’re just creating a stylish space. There’s no pressure, this is all fun! If you’ve got some inspiring magazines laying around take a look through them. Get inspired by anything! If you’ve got a favorite Fall outfit or scarf, use that to inspire you! Everything can be an inspiration, so try not to stress out if something isn’t quite feeling like you wanted it to in the beginning. Just remember that this is YOUR style, this is your creative flow, and don’t let it be squandered by doubt.

Down to Try a DIY?

Check Out Our New Pinterest Board! We’ve pinned lots of different DIY projects for you to try this Fall! There are also some gorgeous images available that we’ve highlighted! Get Pinspired!

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Don’t Forget! Send us images of how you’ve styled your space for Fall! We’d love to see your style!

Houdini: Magic, Mystery, and Miniseries!

Harry Houdini: The Man of Magic!

Everyone has heard of the man of magic! Harry Houdini is world renowned for his elaborate stunts, and courageous feats to perform an incredible show. He’s braved the water torture chamber, escaped countless cuffs, and even tempted death. He’s done it all from simple card tricks, to elaborate stunts where he was buried alive!

To this day many magicians will attempt Houdini’s stunts, and some will embarrassingly fail. Houdini’s stunts and magic tricks are not for the novice magician. It takes pure talent, and strong determination to pull off shows like he once did.

#death #amazing
Houdini was not always named Harry Houdini. He originally immigrated here in 1874 from Budapest, and went by the name of Ehrich Weiss. His name later found him on a tour throughout Europe, where he became, “Harry Handcuff Houdini”. This Hungarian-American created a name for himself and later became the President of The United States. I’m only joking, just making sure you’re still with me here. No, Houdini was never the President of The United States, but he was President of The Society of American Magicians. Now, what exactly do the Society of American Magicians do? I’m not sure, every time I find one they seem to disappear! hahaha da dum dum tssk! Get it? Because, they’re magicians?

#magic #magicians

Anyway, The History Channel is hosting a miniseries about Houdini. This is a two night miniseries, with Adrian Brody playing Houdini. If you’re not already a Houdini fan, I’m sure that this miniseries is sure to convert you! And…Abra Kadabra!

We have Vintage Houdini Posters!

I bet you didn’t know that Houdini was also an actor! He was at one point in time, in a few films. He decided to quit his acting career, because it wouldn’t pay as well as being an Illusionist.


So, enjoy watching this great miniseries about the mystifying magician Harry Houdini! And be sure to browse through our Houdini posters. These would be a great gift for the aspiring magician, or even for someone who’s just a fan.


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End of Summer Canvas Sale!

Cool Off With Creative Canvas Pieces!

It’s Summer! What better way to cool off your summer, than with a sensational sale on a cool canvas piece?! For a limited time only we’re offering 40% off of all our Stretched Canvas Pieces! While everyone is outside sweltering in the hot summer sun, you’ll be staying cool admiring your new canvas piece.


#beach #ship #canvas

Stretched canvas pieces are appealing, they bring a different take to the representation of art on a wall. You can frame canvas, or you can leave it without a frame. Either way depends on the style or mood you’re trying to create for your space.

#waves #beach #canvas
Canvas pieces will attract the eye directly to the feel of the canvas fabric. Canvas prints are unlike digital prints, which are printed on paper. Canvas is printed on fabric, which will give the eye even more texture to look at, even the feel of a canvas piece is cool and different!

#beach #sunset #canvas
Canvas has been an attractive medium for artists, dating back to nearly the beginning of the history of art! The fabric provides a more comfortable structure for the image to nearly “breathe”, and is a favorite of many oil painting artists. The give and take that the fabric provides, is an excellent medium for the ever changing artists mind.

When choosing a piece, keep in mind the different options you have with canvas. You can choose a bar depth, which is essentially how far away you’d like your piece to stick out from the wall.

You also have the option of adding a material liner to the front of your piece, which is a nice finishing touch to many pieces.

There’s the option of a “Gallery Wrap” which means the image is mirrored along the sides. Or, if you’re feeling bold you can choose the “Museum Wrap”, which means you choose what bold solid color you want along the sides of your canvas piece. Of course if you’re framing your canvas piece no one is likely to see the sides, as they’ll be concealed by the frame, but again that’s your choice.

#palmtrees #beach #canvas

Ah, choices, choices! There are so many elements that help to create the perfect piece of work to adorn your walls. What will you choose? Good luck!

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Houston, We Have Liftoff!

I can promise that almost every child had the thought of becoming an astronaut and working for NASA at some point. We’ve seen Cosmos, we’ve obsessed over the galaxy nail and legging trend, and into our adulthood there is still something that lingers about the unknown of outer space. The brave men and women of NASA have ventured out into the unknown and discovered so much more than we ever could have fathomed.

For all you star gazers, and astronomy aficionados check out these gorgeous images that we are proud to present!

Launch of The First Flight of Space Shuttle Columbia, 1981

Launch of the First Flight of Space Shuttle Columbia, 1981

Under the Wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud

Under the Wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud

M82 Starburst Galaxy

M82 – Starburst Galaxy


Merging Clusters in 30 Doradus

Merging Clusters in 30 Doradus

Make sure you check out our complete NASA Collection, it’s out of this world!