Happy Holidays! Save 35%

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening!? Winter is here! We’re saving YOU 35% Off! Ah ’tis the season to be merry! Whatever holiday you celebrate we’d like to give to you 35% Off of your purchase! Save 35% Off that piece we know you’ve been eyeing. Everyone knows this season can be stressful! There are places to travel, meals to be made, and oh! Let’s not forget the decorations!

Now we understand that it’s a little too late for your order to make it in time for the Holiday, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a little something for yourself. Go on! Be a little selfish, we know you’ve spent much of this time searching for just the right little something for your friends and family. It’s okay if you splurge on yourself every once in a while. So, we’re making it easy for you. Just browse around our site, and bask in the savings! There’s nothing like a great deal, this time of year!

Plus, there’s nothing like a little after Christmas surprise for a special person in your life. Better late than never! So, browse through and let us help you!

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40% Off All Unframed Prints!


Have you been holding off for the perfect Holiday gift this year? Well wait no longer! It’s here! Take 40% off all our Unframed Prints! It’s simple, easy, and the perfect gift for the person who already has everything! Bring a little culture into their life! Surprise your loved ones with a fantastic print that will leave them in awe!

Perhaps you already have the perfect frame? Well, there’s no need to leave it empty! Find the right print for you or that special someone this Holiday season. Today through Friday, 12/12! You won’t want to miss this sale! So, take a look!

Need a little inspiration for the right gift? Make sure to wander over to our Featured: Southwest Scapes Collection


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It’s back in Black-Black Friday that is!


It’s that time of year again! The Holiday songs are playing, the carolers are caroling, and everyone is prepping the day after Thanksgiving! So, to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, we’re offering 35% OFF our ENTIRE SITE! Whoot! It’s incredible! Don’t worry about fighting the crowds, and getting plummeted to the ground by the masses. Instead, enjoy a shopping experience from the comfort of your home!

It’s the Holidays! Are you crazy enough to battle the crowds, and fight for parking, prices, and overall disappointment? We’d hope not! Stay at home, enjoy time with your family, and sneak away to Global Gallery, where you can peruse our site at your delight!

35% Off! We’re smart enough to know that you’d rather be in your comfy clothes, relaxing at home. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy 35% Off of our entire site. And please if you do decide to battle the Holiday crowds, we ask that you be safe.

Happy Black Friday!

From all of us here at Global Gallery!

31% Off Our Entire Collection: Haunted Halloween Sale!

Gear Up All You Ghouls, Goblins, and Ghosts! Halloween is Almost Here!

Halloween is creeping up on us! Soon enough All Hallows Eve will be here and we’re so spooked we’ve decided to host 31% Off our Entire Site now through Halloween! Our amazing Goblins and Ghouls Collection is awesome enough to make the dead rise from their graves and take a look! Be sure you search through this entire collection, you’ll never guess what’s hiding on each page!

Oh Halloween! It’s the time of year that every kid (and many adult children) looks forward to! Dressing up, telling spooky ghost stories, and let’s not forget CANDY! Let’s admit it, Halloween basically starts on the first day of October! There is so much activity and energy in the air. It is said that this is the time when spirits can freely roam the earth with the living. Jack O’ Lanterns are rumored to keep away evil entities, and dressing up is a way to laugh in the face of Death! Muahahaha! But seriously, let’s take a deeper look into what this holiday is all about.

 Halloween: A History

Everyone is going to argue about the origins of Halloween. Some historians claim that it dates back to Pagan rituals that welcomed the change of the season. Others claim that it was a festival to worship Samhain a Pagan God. Some argue that it’s actually a Christian holiday and has nothing to do with Paganism. Whatever religious belief that this holiday originates from Halloween is celebrated by many. Across America children dress up, and walk the streets of their neighborhoods going door to door asking for candy. And, who can argue with Candy? NO ONE. No one can argue with Candy. Candy is delicious.

Decorating for Halloween:

One of the best things about Halloween are the decorations! You’ll always have those couple of houses that compete with each other for the best decorated house. Giant Spiderwebs, Creepy Ghosts, Witches, Black Cats, Pumpkins! All of these things are commonly seen around Halloween. People love to get into the “Spirit”! Hahaha Spirits and Sprites on Halloween Night! Anyway, this is the perfect time to not only decorate the outside of your abode, but you can also bring in the Halloween feeling by decorating with different art pieces.

Check out this lovely space here! This image is from our Pinterest Board: Halloween Art. Not only does the small detailed artwork convey the essence of Halloween, it isn’t overwhelmingly scary.

Send us pictures of your fun Halloween Decorations! We’re dying to hear from you! And from all of us here at Global Gallery, have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Be sure to check out our Halloween Art Pinterest Board for more Pinspiration:

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Decorate For Fall! 35% Off Sitewide!

Fall is here! Oh the Feels!

Are you anticipating Autumn? Well wait no longer, it’s here! And we’re excited about it! The crisp feeling in the air! Bobbing for apples, apple cider, and pumpkin spice lattes are just the tip of the Autumn iceberg! We’re so ready! We’ve been ready for this since last Fall ended! This is the time of year where the air is cool, the leaves change colors, and we get to bundle up in our warmer clothes. Fall fashion has arrived, and Fall Styles are taking over! How to prepare for Fall is buzzing in the air and, we’re giving you the low down on how to decorate your chateau for this Fall season. Make a decorate date, plan ahead, try a DIY, and show off your style. Decorating can be time consuming, and you need this time to think, experiment, and create! Not only that but why not decorate on a budget? Take 35% Off Our Entire Collection! Decorate without worrying! So read on and we’ll give you the scoop on how to best Decorate Your Space for this Fall Season!

Pick your Date/Time:

Plan a day to Decorate! Set a day on your calendar that you can devote enough time to let your creativity flourish throughout your space. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your life is hectic, we know! Nearly everyone has a schedule, a job, something that takes up the majority of their time throughout the day. So, it’s easy to let decorating your space slide out the window, instead of letting that creativity go by the wayside, plan ahead! Pick a date this month that you know you can keep clear. Devote an entire day to just letting your creativity blossom. We’re sure this is something that’s been on your mind since summer started to sizzle out. So, instead of just dwelling on what you’d like to achieve in your mind, give yourself the time to get it out. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish once you set aside the time to take on the task!

Choose a Theme/Color Set:

It’s important to remember what color scheme you’re going with this season. You can keep it in the Pumpkin Spice area, or you can travel to more of the majestic Maple! This is all your choice! Remember to keep in mind that colors evoke emotions, they can bring excitement into the air like with red and other vibrant colors. Or your color palette can create a calm soothing feeling, such as using neutrals and browns. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that you’re comfortable with. Yes, it’s only for a season, but it should be something that makes you feel best. There are all sorts of color schemes you can work with. Take a look at a few of these to gain some inspiration:


  Use References-But Let YOUR Creative style be the biggest influence:

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with the right idea. As soon as you feel like you’ve gotten it right, something makes you change your mind and you scrap the idea completely. It’s no problem, these things happen to the best of us! Take a minute to breathe, you’re just creating a stylish space. There’s no pressure, this is all fun! If you’ve got some inspiring magazines laying around take a look through them. Get inspired by anything! If you’ve got a favorite Fall outfit or scarf, use that to inspire you! Everything can be an inspiration, so try not to stress out if something isn’t quite feeling like you wanted it to in the beginning. Just remember that this is YOUR style, this is your creative flow, and don’t let it be squandered by doubt.

Down to Try a DIY?

Check Out Our New Pinterest Board! We’ve pinned lots of different DIY projects for you to try this Fall! There are also some gorgeous images available that we’ve highlighted! Get Pinspired!

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Don’t Forget! Send us images of how you’ve styled your space for Fall! We’d love to see your style!

The Great Frame Sale! 30% Off All Framed Items!

Ain’t No Shame in our Frame Game!

We’re hosting The Great Frame Sale! 30% Off of all Framed Items! So, for further elaboration, any item that you throw a frame on is now 30% Off. What a deal, right? Let’s take a minute here to think about this no brainer. Almost every print, and canvas piece looks more complete with a frame. The frame is the accessory that finishes the outfit! It’s the cherry on top of your awesome sundae! It’s the final piece to the puzzle! Frame it! You’ll thank us later!

#Vintage #artnouveau #frame

Have you ever tried to tape an image to your wall? Thumb-tacked that image up? (That’s so Tacky!!! Insert Pun laughter here) Glued it? Whoa, buddy! That’s where you should take a step back and think about framing! An interesting frame not only protects the image that you’ve purchased from fading, it also protects it from wear, or even damages. This is something that you should invest in, if there’s something you enjoy looking at everyday, then why not protect that special something?

#vintage #artnouveau #frame

Frames in History:
Art and framing go hand in hand. Frames date back even further than the 12th and 13th century in Europe. In the 14th and 15th century is when Frames started to flourish more within churches. They became part of the architecture of many churches around Europe; the frames were immovable. It wasn’t until the later 15th century that we began to see frames enter homes of nobles. From that point forward it became more and more common to see movable frames, and changes to the art that occupied them. It’s been an evolutionary process that continues to change to this day. There are multitudes of frames, styles, and artistic ways to represent art. But one of the key foundations has been The Frame.

#vintage #artnouveau #frame

We have over 20 different frame options, you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your piece! So, why are you still sitting here reading this? Go out and find that perfect Frame! This sale only lasts until September 21st. Time is ticking away, so you better hurry!

#vintage #artnouveau #frame

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40% Off Everything-Happy Labor Day 2014!

Happy Labor Day!!! Be sure to check out our Entire Collection! 40% Off Everything!

Kick off your shoes! Pick your feet up, and relax! Today we celebrate the fruits of our labor! You work hard, we all do. Vacation time hardly makes up for the stress and hardships we go through all year long.

 Just take a look at this guy!

The Real MVP 
Clearly the hardest working guy in the office! (But honestly, we’ve all had that feeling)
So, this is why we have Labor Day! It’s an extra day off that most Americans get the opportunity to enjoy. It became a federal holiday way back in 1894, though most states were already celebrating it years before.  It’s a day of relaxation, celebration, awareness, oh and that one little thing called Football!


 We’ve got our best players on the field this year!

Labor Day is a great day to stay at home with your family, start a barbeque, and just kick back and relax! We can take the time in a day to appreciate that we all work incredibly hard. Whether you work retail, wholesale, corporate, or even if you’re a stay at home parent, all of these are incredibly trying jobs. Take a day to remember that you are a hard worker, and other Americans are hard workers as well, hey we should all celebrate!


The guy in the yellow on the left looks like he knows how to party party!

Interestingly, Labor Day is not exclusive to America Only. Other countries have labor days of their own, this is an idea that is global. We all work hard, and we all deserve to play just as hard.

Go Hiking!


Go Biking!


If possible go horseback riding!

But whatever you do make sure you’re enjoying this beautiful day! You deserve it, and we demand it! In the best way possible that is.

So, from all of us here at Global Gallery, have a safe and happy Labor Day! Share with us! What are your plans this Labor Day?

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End of Summer Canvas Sale!

Cool Off With Creative Canvas Pieces!

It’s Summer! What better way to cool off your summer, than with a sensational sale on a cool canvas piece?! For a limited time only we’re offering 40% off of all our Stretched Canvas Pieces! While everyone is outside sweltering in the hot summer sun, you’ll be staying cool admiring your new canvas piece.


#beach #ship #canvas

Stretched canvas pieces are appealing, they bring a different take to the representation of art on a wall. You can frame canvas, or you can leave it without a frame. Either way depends on the style or mood you’re trying to create for your space.

#waves #beach #canvas
Canvas pieces will attract the eye directly to the feel of the canvas fabric. Canvas prints are unlike digital prints, which are printed on paper. Canvas is printed on fabric, which will give the eye even more texture to look at, even the feel of a canvas piece is cool and different!

#beach #sunset #canvas
Canvas has been an attractive medium for artists, dating back to nearly the beginning of the history of art! The fabric provides a more comfortable structure for the image to nearly “breathe”, and is a favorite of many oil painting artists. The give and take that the fabric provides, is an excellent medium for the ever changing artists mind.

When choosing a piece, keep in mind the different options you have with canvas. You can choose a bar depth, which is essentially how far away you’d like your piece to stick out from the wall.

You also have the option of adding a material liner to the front of your piece, which is a nice finishing touch to many pieces.

There’s the option of a “Gallery Wrap” which means the image is mirrored along the sides. Or, if you’re feeling bold you can choose the “Museum Wrap”, which means you choose what bold solid color you want along the sides of your canvas piece. Of course if you’re framing your canvas piece no one is likely to see the sides, as they’ll be concealed by the frame, but again that’s your choice.

#palmtrees #beach #canvas

Ah, choices, choices! There are so many elements that help to create the perfect piece of work to adorn your walls. What will you choose? Good luck!

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FREE Canvas Frame Sale!!!


Free! What a beautiful word! In America we’re celebrating our Independence Day, so we’re giving away FREE Frames with any purchase of a Canvas piece. From today until Sunday 7/6!!!  What better way to indulge your place than with beautiful art?

American Flag On The Grounds Of The Washington Monument by Stephen St. John


Independence Day is a fantastic holiday in which we celebrate by shooting off fireworks, in honor of the battles that took place to liberate our country. All over the United States across the night sky, a fireworks show is displayed. This is a time of Patriotism, where most Americans will gather together and celebrate our country.

Fireworks Illuminate the Sky Behind the Golden Gate Bridge by Michael Nichols


So, choose that canvas piece that suits your mood and we’ll give you the freedom of a free frame you deserve! AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE!

An American Bald Eagle In Flight by Tom Murphy


Global Gallery, land of the FREE FRAME SALE!!!


An American Flag and the Statue of Freedom Atop the Capitol Dome by Medford Taylor

Museum Masters Sale: 30% Off Picasso Wednesday!


30% Off Picasso!!

This week each day we’re celebrating a Museum Master and offering 30% Off that artist’s collection as well as 25% Off Site wide! Today’s Artist is Picasso! This is a one day only sale, so don’t miss out!


Check out some of our favorite Picasso Pieces!


Picasso's Bullfight Set (set of four prints)


Picasso’s Bullfight Set (set of four prints)


Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso


Old Guitarist


La lecture (Woman Reading)

La lecture (Woman Reading)

What are some of your favorites? Explore our entire collection and find out!