Happy Birthday Leonardo Da Vinci

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A man of wonder, talent, and an undying curiosity Leonardo da Vinci, is one of the worlds most renowned artists in history. Today, we celebrate the birth and memory of this fascinating person, he was born on this day 563 years ago. Talk about leaving a lasting impression! 

Most people recall Leonardo da Vinci, as just an artist but oh, he was so much more! He started his apprenticeship at a young age under the watch of Andrea del Verrocchio who was an avid sculptor, painter, and goldsmith. It was then that he started to discover his amazing talent across multiple mediums. For those who don’t know, Da Vinci was an artist, sculptor, painter, inventor, scientist, philosopher, and more. 

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Here are some of our Faves from his Collection below:


Images in order from Top Right Clockwise: 1. Mona Lisa, 2. Flying Machine 3. Proportions of the Human Figure (Vitruvian Man), 4. Annunciation – Detail


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Check out some of our favorite Picasso Pieces!


Picasso's Bullfight Set (set of four prints)


Picasso’s Bullfight Set (set of four prints)


Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso


Old Guitarist


La lecture (Woman Reading)

La lecture (Woman Reading)

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John James Audubon

There is something truly fascinating about Bird watching. The elegant sound of a bird chirping, and the beauty of seeing a bird fly without rules, or limitations seems to almost suspend time. John James Audubon was an Ornithologist, conservationist, an intellectual, and an artist. He came to America early in his life, and was married in 1808.

Carolina Parrot

His passion for drawing and studying birds became his whole world. For a short period of time he taught others how to draw in New Orleans. Later in life, he traveled to Great Britain where he sought out a publisher for his bird drawings. He made connections in the scientific world as well as the art world and showed that blending the two did not always prove to be scientifically accurate, but both art and science together created something wonderful.

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Happy Birthday Norman Rockwell!

In honor of Norman Rockwell’s birthday we will be offering 40% off his collection beginning Sunday, February 3rd until Tuesday, February 5th, 11:59 p.m. (CST)    Click on the images to view our entire Norman Rockwell collection available on GlobalGallery.com.


Norman Rockwell was born on February 3, 1894 in New York City.  When Rockwell was only 14, he enrolled in art classes at The New York School of Art . In 1910, he left high school to study art at The National Academy of Design.  He soon transferred to The Art Students League, where he studied with Thomas Fogarty and George Bridgman.

Rockwell painted his first commission of four Christmas cards before he turned 16. While still in his teens, he was hired as art director of Boys’ Life, the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America, and began a successful freelance career illustrating a variety of young people’s publications. Rockwell continued to paint for the Boy Scouts for the rest of his life.

In 1916, he created the first of his 321 covers for The Saturday Evening Post. Some of his most iconic covers included the 1927 celebration of Charles Lindbergh’s crossing of the Atlantic. After President Franklin Roosevelt  made a speech to Congress in 1941 describing the “four essential human freedoms,” Rockwell created paintings of the four freedoms: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. He completed the paintings in six months in 1942, and they were published in the Post in 1943. The pictures became greatly popular, and many other publications asked the Post for permission to reprint them. The federal government also took the original paintings on a national tour to sell war bonds. As Ben Hibbs, editor of the Post, noted in Rockwell’s autobiography, “They were viewed by 1,222,000 people in 16 leading cities and were instrumental in selling $132,992,539 worth of bonds.”

In 1973, Rockwell established a trust to preserve his artistic legacy by placing his works in the custodianship of the Old Corner House Stockbridge Historical Society, later to become Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge. The trust now forms the core of the Museum’s permanent collections. In 1976, in failing health, Rockwell became concerned about the future of his studio. He arranged to have his studio and its contents added to the trust. In 1977, Rockwell received the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In 2008, Rockwell was named the official state artist of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, thanks to a dedicated effort from students in Berkshire County, where Rockwell lived for the last 25 years of his life.

He died on November 8, 1978.


“I’ll never have enough time to paint all the pictures I want to.”

– Norman Rockwell

Featured Artist: Karen J. Williams

Karen has been creating art in many forms since early childhood. Her artwork is a combination of many artistic passions with each image being a combination of photography, graphics and usually a hands-on element. Most of the pieces that she creates are inspired by personal experiences. She is constantly working on improving techniques, which is not hard when you enjoy your work.

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Featured Artist: Kay Daichi

Kay Daichi’s work tends to focus on the environment. From there, however, it often makes a journey that may end up focusing on people or a particular object in that environment. He has been exploring various styles and colors from different generations of artists, working with multiple mediums, including both traditional and digital resources.

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Featured Artist: Janet Kruskamp

Since Janet was old enough to hold a crayon, she has known that she would become an artist. From Impressionism to Realism, Janet has traveled down many roads of discovery, finding inspiration in every style, medium, and subject matter. Being an artist is not just what she does, it is who she is.

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Q: What inspires you?
A: On a personal level, I have always looked for beauty in commonplace scenes or objects, as can be seen in my still life imagery. Plato said, “It is beauty I seek, not beautiful things.”

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you are not creating art?
A: Tending to my rose gardens and fern garden. I guess that is creating too, isn’t it?

Q: Are there current art trends that you love or hate?
A: For me, the current art trends of today are sometimes off the scale of art. Although I am a traditionalist and favor realism in some form, I can appreciate some of the current trends in art, and I enjoy seeing good abstract art.

Q: Whose art can we find displayed in your home?
A: Well, of course there is a surplus of Kruskamp art in every room on every wall! I do have a litho by Norman Rockwell (of course!) and a signed drawing of Prince Valiant by Hal Foster. These two artists were my first idols as a small child.

I also have displayed some very old prints, including The Song of the Lark by Jules Breton, Dinner for Threshers by Grant Wood and Shepherd’s Call.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
A: Start with a good teacher who teaches BASICS and who teaches from LIFE! It is very true that everything you need to know about color, value, and composition is all there in a still life. And of course, paint everyday! The more you practice at anything the better you become.

Q: How do you feel about dogs playing poker?
A: I love the painting! It is clever, creative and humorous and also shows a great deal of talent. As far as the dogs go, I choose the one with the best hand!

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Featured Artist: Jan Weiss

“I create with a variety of material – paper, glue, gel medium, acrylic paints and somehow I keep making new stuff. I get bored easily and can never make the same thing twice.”

Born and raised in Northern California, artist Jan Weiss has a love for mixed media and is inspired by textures in the earth, multi-cultural colors, patterns and handmade paper. Her talent is the ability to transform this inspiration into an original thought.

In addition to mixed media, Jan works in the digital medium, creating illustrations with layers of watercolor effects in rich and compelling hues. To those who still find themselves stuck with fall wall decor, Jan’s work can lend brightness to any space.

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