The Great Frame Sale! 30% Off All Framed Items!

Ain’t No Shame in our Frame Game!

We’re hosting The Great Frame Sale! 30% Off of all Framed Items! So, for further elaboration, any item that you throw a frame on is now 30% Off. What a deal, right? Let’s take a minute here to think about this no brainer. Almost every print, and canvas piece looks more complete with a frame. The frame is the accessory that finishes the outfit! It’s the cherry on top of your awesome sundae! It’s the final piece to the puzzle! Frame it! You’ll thank us later!

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Have you ever tried to tape an image to your wall? Thumb-tacked that image up? (That’s so Tacky!!! Insert Pun laughter here) Glued it? Whoa, buddy! That’s where you should take a step back and think about framing! An interesting frame not only protects the image that you’ve purchased from fading, it also protects it from wear, or even damages. This is something that you should invest in, if there’s something you enjoy looking at everyday, then why not protect that special something?

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Frames in History:
Art and framing go hand in hand. Frames date back even further than the 12th and 13th century in Europe. In the 14th and 15th century is when Frames started to flourish more within churches. They became part of the architecture of many churches around Europe; the frames were immovable. It wasn’t until the later 15th century that we began to see frames enter homes of nobles. From that point forward it became more and more common to see movable frames, and changes to the art that occupied them. It’s been an evolutionary process that continues to change to this day. There are multitudes of frames, styles, and artistic ways to represent art. But one of the key foundations has been The Frame.

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We have over 20 different frame options, you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your piece! So, why are you still sitting here reading this? Go out and find that perfect Frame! This sale only lasts until September 21st. Time is ticking away, so you better hurry!

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Houdini: Magic, Mystery, and Miniseries!

Harry Houdini: The Man of Magic!

Everyone has heard of the man of magic! Harry Houdini is world renowned for his elaborate stunts, and courageous feats to perform an incredible show. He’s braved the water torture chamber, escaped countless cuffs, and even tempted death. He’s done it all from simple card tricks, to elaborate stunts where he was buried alive!

To this day many magicians will attempt Houdini’s stunts, and some will embarrassingly fail. Houdini’s stunts and magic tricks are not for the novice magician. It takes pure talent, and strong determination to pull off shows like he once did.

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Houdini was not always named Harry Houdini. He originally immigrated here in 1874 from Budapest, and went by the name of Ehrich Weiss. His name later found him on a tour throughout Europe, where he became, “Harry Handcuff Houdini”. This Hungarian-American created a name for himself and later became the President of The United States. I’m only joking, just making sure you’re still with me here. No, Houdini was never the President of The United States, but he was President of The Society of American Magicians. Now, what exactly do the Society of American Magicians do? I’m not sure, every time I find one they seem to disappear! hahaha da dum dum tssk! Get it? Because, they’re magicians?

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Anyway, The History Channel is hosting a miniseries about Houdini. This is a two night miniseries, with Adrian Brody playing Houdini. If you’re not already a Houdini fan, I’m sure that this miniseries is sure to convert you! And…Abra Kadabra!

We have Vintage Houdini Posters!

I bet you didn’t know that Houdini was also an actor! He was at one point in time, in a few films. He decided to quit his acting career, because it wouldn’t pay as well as being an Illusionist.


So, enjoy watching this great miniseries about the mystifying magician Harry Houdini! And be sure to browse through our Houdini posters. These would be a great gift for the aspiring magician, or even for someone who’s just a fan.


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