40% Off Everything-Happy Labor Day 2014!

Happy Labor Day!!! Be sure to check out our Entire Collection! 40% Off Everything!

Kick off your shoes! Pick your feet up, and relax! Today we celebrate the fruits of our labor! You work hard, we all do. Vacation time hardly makes up for the stress and hardships we go through all year long.

 Just take a look at this guy!

The Real MVP 
Clearly the hardest working guy in the office! (But honestly, we’ve all had that feeling)
So, this is why we have Labor Day! It’s an extra day off that most Americans get the opportunity to enjoy. It became a federal holiday way back in 1894, though most states were already celebrating it years before.  It’s a day of relaxation, celebration, awareness, oh and that one little thing called Football!


 We’ve got our best players on the field this year!

Labor Day is a great day to stay at home with your family, start a barbeque, and just kick back and relax! We can take the time in a day to appreciate that we all work incredibly hard. Whether you work retail, wholesale, corporate, or even if you’re a stay at home parent, all of these are incredibly trying jobs. Take a day to remember that you are a hard worker, and other Americans are hard workers as well, hey we should all celebrate!


The guy in the yellow on the left looks like he knows how to party party!

Interestingly, Labor Day is not exclusive to America Only. Other countries have labor days of their own, this is an idea that is global. We all work hard, and we all deserve to play just as hard.

Go Hiking!


Go Biking!


If possible go horseback riding!

But whatever you do make sure you’re enjoying this beautiful day! You deserve it, and we demand it! In the best way possible that is.

So, from all of us here at Global Gallery, have a safe and happy Labor Day! Share with us! What are your plans this Labor Day?

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End of Summer Canvas Sale!

Cool Off With Creative Canvas Pieces!

It’s Summer! What better way to cool off your summer, than with a sensational sale on a cool canvas piece?! For a limited time only we’re offering 40% off of all our Stretched Canvas Pieces! While everyone is outside sweltering in the hot summer sun, you’ll be staying cool admiring your new canvas piece.


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Stretched canvas pieces are appealing, they bring a different take to the representation of art on a wall. You can frame canvas, or you can leave it without a frame. Either way depends on the style or mood you’re trying to create for your space.

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Canvas pieces will attract the eye directly to the feel of the canvas fabric. Canvas prints are unlike digital prints, which are printed on paper. Canvas is printed on fabric, which will give the eye even more texture to look at, even the feel of a canvas piece is cool and different!

#beach #sunset #canvas
Canvas has been an attractive medium for artists, dating back to nearly the beginning of the history of art! The fabric provides a more comfortable structure for the image to nearly “breathe”, and is a favorite of many oil painting artists. The give and take that the fabric provides, is an excellent medium for the ever changing artists mind.

When choosing a piece, keep in mind the different options you have with canvas. You can choose a bar depth, which is essentially how far away you’d like your piece to stick out from the wall.

You also have the option of adding a material liner to the front of your piece, which is a nice finishing touch to many pieces.

There’s the option of a “Gallery Wrap” which means the image is mirrored along the sides. Or, if you’re feeling bold you can choose the “Museum Wrap”, which means you choose what bold solid color you want along the sides of your canvas piece. Of course if you’re framing your canvas piece no one is likely to see the sides, as they’ll be concealed by the frame, but again that’s your choice.

#palmtrees #beach #canvas

Ah, choices, choices! There are so many elements that help to create the perfect piece of work to adorn your walls. What will you choose? Good luck!

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