Happy 4th of July 2014!!!

America! Land of the Free and Home of The Brave! Happy Fourth of July! For those of you who may be unfamiliar, today is the day America celebrates it’s Independence from the British.

We celebrate by barbecuing


Spending time with the family


And of course, what would Independence Day be without a fireworks show?

Remember to stay safe out there, and enjoy this Independence Day!!

From all of us here at Global Gallery, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!


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Free! What a beautiful word! In America we’re celebrating our Independence Day, so we’re giving away FREE Frames with any purchase of a Canvas piece. From today until Sunday 7/6!!! ¬†What better way to indulge your place than with beautiful art?

American Flag On The Grounds Of The Washington Monument by Stephen St. John


Independence Day is a fantastic holiday in which we celebrate by shooting off fireworks, in honor of the battles that took place to liberate our country. All over the United States across the night sky, a fireworks show is displayed. This is a time of Patriotism, where most Americans will gather together and celebrate our country.

Fireworks Illuminate the Sky Behind the Golden Gate Bridge by Michael Nichols


So, choose that canvas piece that suits your mood and we’ll give you the freedom of a free frame you deserve! AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE!

An American Bald Eagle In Flight by Tom Murphy


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An American Flag and the Statue of Freedom Atop the Capitol Dome by Medford Taylor