Memorial Day Sale 2014!

This Memorial Day enjoy 40% off of all stretched canvas pieces site wide! Is there a piece you’ve been eyeing? Well don’t hesitate! Hurry this sale won’t last long!

This holiday gives us hope and even pride in our country that we have such brave men and women who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for something they believe in so strongly. We all know someone who has served this country, and put their life on the line. So take a moment to reflect, and enjoy this wonderful country they fought so strongly for.

Iwo Jima Memorial Silhouetted by a Setting Sun - Kenneth Garrett

The military life is a kind like no other, these brave people give up the comforts of the everyday and train themselves mentally, physically, and even emotionally. They are strong, and courageous individuals who travel to places unknown to defend our country. These individuals still have families that they love and also at times must leave behind. So in honor of this great American holiday we’re hosting a sale!

Rose, Flag, And Note Of Remembrance At Memorial Wall - Klaus Nigge

Express yourself and pay tribute, do something you know that person would have loved in their memory.

American Flags on Memorial Day - James P. Blair

We get so caught up in the excitement of having a holiday and a day off, that sometimes we forget what exactly that holiday is in honor of. Do your best this Memorial Day to never forget that some people were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, so that we could be here today.

Vietnam Memorial - Unknown From all of us here at Global Gallery, Have a Happy Memorial Day!

Houston, We Have Liftoff!

I can promise that almost every child had the thought of becoming an astronaut and working for NASA at some point. We’ve seen Cosmos, we’ve obsessed over the galaxy nail and legging trend, and into our adulthood there is still something that lingers about the unknown of outer space. The brave men and women of NASA have ventured out into the unknown and discovered so much more than we ever could have fathomed.

For all you star gazers, and astronomy aficionados check out these gorgeous images that we are proud to present!

Launch of The First Flight of Space Shuttle Columbia, 1981

Launch of the First Flight of Space Shuttle Columbia, 1981

Under the Wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud

Under the Wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud

M82 Starburst Galaxy

M82 – Starburst Galaxy


Merging Clusters in 30 Doradus

Merging Clusters in 30 Doradus

Make sure you check out our complete NASA Collection, it’s out of this world!

The Value of Vintage

It’s glorified in popular movies, and brings a longing for the past to your soul. I’m talking about Vintage, it’s the essence of cool. There are so many things in the past that we long for everyday. With movies and books like, “The Great Gatsby”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald it’s brought the roaring 20’s back into the spotlight. Even the popular television show “Mad Men”, has people going crazy for clothes, furniture, and art of that time frame.


Vintage pieces have a certain glamour to them, they are a small piece of history with a large impact. They provide us with a certain comfort, that even though the time has passed, it has not been forgotten.

We respect these significant pieces of vintage history. They represent so much, and give us a glance into the past. It’s interesting to see that things have changed over time, but the feelings they create still linger with us. It’s easy to look at many vintage advertisements and smile.

What better way to take pride in the past, than to display these vintage pieces in your space? Decorate your space with vintage artwork! If you crave that nostalgic feeling, and long for that historic flair, then explore our Vintage items and discover something wonderful!