John James Audubon

There is something truly fascinating about Bird watching. The elegant sound of a bird chirping, and the beauty of seeing a bird fly without rules, or limitations seems to almost suspend time. John James Audubon was an Ornithologist, conservationist, an intellectual, and an artist. He came to America early in his life, and was married in 1808.

Carolina Parrot

His passion for drawing and studying birds became his whole world. For a short period of time he taught others how to draw in New Orleans. Later in life, he traveled to Great Britain where he sought out a publisher for his bird drawings. He made connections in the scientific world as well as the art world and showed that blending the two did not always prove to be scientifically accurate, but both art and science together created something wonderful.

 Great Blue HeronToday his works are still being published, and he is one of the worlds most well known Ornithologists. To honor his legacy we have taken 30% off of our entire site! Explore our Audubon Collection Here: 

Earth Day 2014

Earth Day is a day of peace and awareness. We live on a planet that provides us with all the essentials to stay alive. We breathe, drink, eat, and live on this planet. So, today we celebrate and honor Earth!


We decided what better way to honor Earth Day than by also celebrating the people who inhabit this lovely planet, So we’ve taken 30% off our entire collection!

Browse through Aspen Trees in Autumn

Aspen Trees in Autumn

Explore colorful creatures of the deep!

A Mantis Shrimp (Squilla Empusa) In The Indo-Pacific Ocean

Awe at the Aurora Borealis

Northern lights or aurora borealis over boreal forest, North America

And from all of us here at Global Gallery Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2014

Impressed by Impressionism

Can you picture yourself in Paris? Send yourself back in time, around the 1800’s perhaps. It’s interesting isn’t it, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the sensation of being alive.

Pierre Auguste Renoir-Pont Neuf, Paris 

The Impressionist movement began in France with a few artistes, maybe you’ve heard of them: Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, & Pierre-Auguste Renoir just to name a few. They took what was the standard for art and threw the rules to the wind. Instead of painting images that were pompous and grandeur they depicted life differently. They proved that the everyday life can hold just as much beauty as a portrait of royalty.

Gustave Caillebotte-The Floor Scrapers

As with any revolutionary, or free thinker these artistes were criticized:

“Five or six lunatics, one of them a woman, have met here to exhibit their works. Someone should tell M. Pissarro forcibly that trees are never violet, the sky is never the colour of fresh butter, that nowhere on earth are things to be seen as he paints them.”-La Figaro, 1876

This movement shook things up, and paved the way for more radical thinking, creativity, and expression. It was shocking, pushed the boundaries, and embraced the common everyday as something special.

Claude Monet-An Orchard

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